March 25, 2021
12:30pm to 2:00pm

On 25 March, OPEN ran its second forum of the year where Victoria Baird from Mission Australia and Darelle Cassidy from Family Life provided an overview of their organisations outcomes journey, insights, successes and challenges of embedding an evidence culture within their organisations.

The speakers talked about the ways in which their organisations have supported and embedded strong data collection and outcome measurement across their diverse programs. In doing so, they built an organisational culture focussed on outcomes, learning and improvement.

These organisations demonstrate many features that are known to boost success in transforming an organisation’s approach to evidence – including: clear and consistent leadership, involving staff and building skills, setting up supportive business systems and processes engaging end users.

The session had something for everyone – from those just starting their evidence journeys to those who are already well progressed.

Speaker: Victoria Baird is the Impact Measurement Specialist in the Centre for Evidence & Insights – Practice, Evidence & Impact at Mission Australia. She spoke about the organisation’s journey in embedding measurement systems across their programs. This includes embedding the Personal Wellbeing Index across many of their 500 programs – impressive for a team of two people.

SpeakerDarelle Cassidy is the Research & Evaluation Coordinator in the Research, Outcome Measurement & Evaluation (ROME) Unit at Family Life. She spoke about the organisation’s journey in establishing a common data collection process including the use of Outcomes Star to capture client’s voice to inform service delivery.

To know more about the forum and learn from the speakers about their organisation’s evidence journey, you can view the recording here:

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