The ongoing work of family violence reforms in Victoria has highlighted gaps in knowledge about adolescents who use violence in the home and the need for specialist expert advice to enable service providers, professionals, parents and carers to more effectively respond to and support these young people. 

The following resources have been developed by the Centre for Excellence in Child and Family Welfare, as part of the ‘Building the Evidence’ project and activities funded by Family Safety Victoria.

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What do we know about AVITH?

Find out more about what characterises adolescent violence in the home, and how Victorian organisations are understanding and responding to this issue.

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Annotated Guide to Promising Programs in Victoria

This annotated guide provides information about the Adolescent Violence in the Home (AVITH) programs currently operating in Victoria and Australia.

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Program Snapshots: Case Study Series

A series of discussions with AVITH services about program design and delivery.

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AVITH in Context: Webinar Series

A series of interviews and webinars with professionals in various fields, exploring the different contexts and presenting issues that impact the young person and their family.

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AVITH MARAM Practice Guide & Other Resources

Access guides and other material to help you implement good practice when working with adolescents using violence in the home.

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'Starting with the Young Person' Symposium Presentations

In March 2020, the Centre and FSV co-hosted a symposium that brought together peak bodies, sector leaders, academics and government stakeholders to better understand the nature of this issue and how we can respond earlier to support young people and families.

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Find a collation of current AVITH research from universities and other institutions.

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Community of Practice

The AVITH Community of Practice brings together new and existing AVITH providers to strengthen practice through collaboration, discuss key themes and keep up to date with the work being done in this space.

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A note about Occupational Violence and Aggression in Residential Care Services

Residential Care Work is the profession with the highest exposure to workplace violence in the child and family services sector.

As a separate project, the Centre has been working in collaboration with Victorian CSOs, the Australian Services Union and WorkSafe Victoria to address this health and safety issue.

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