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Closing the Gap Annual Report 2022

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander, Policy Recommendations

The 2022 Commonwealth Closing the Gap Annual Report by the Productivity Commission highlights nine updated socioeconomic outcomes. Four are improving, including healthy birthweight and preschool enrolment, while five are not on track, including developmental milestones and adult imprisonment. The report also provides progress updates on priority reform targets.

Parents’ experiences with child protection during pregnancy and post-birth

Child Protection, Policy Recommendations

The study in Child and Family Social Work examines Australian parents' experiences with child protection during pregnancy and post-birth. It reveals the trauma of baby removal and suggests improvements such as increased support, better communication, and consideration of changing circumstances by child protective services.

Productivity Commission: Report on government services

Policy Recommendations

Part F of the Report on Government Services 2023 focuses on Community Services and assesses the performance of government child protective services. It provides updated data on key indicators including rates of kinship placements, government expenditure, and investigation response times.

The Conversation Weekly: Social welfare services are being cut across the world – but providing them is about more than just money

Policy Recommendations, Welfare

This episode of The Conversation podcast features global experts discussing worldwide cuts to social welfare services, including the causes and necessary measures for governments to enhance access to social services for their citizens.

Domestic and family violence perpetrator screening and risk assessment in Queensland: Current practice and future opportunities

Family Violence, Policy Recommendations

The Australian Institute of Criminology study explores how service systems encountering domestic and family violence (DFV) approach screenings and risk assessments of perpetrators. The study reveals variations in practices across child protection, mental health, substance abuse, and corrections services, highlighting the need for better training and support for frontline staff. This emphasises the importance of addressing DFV comprehensively and enhancing screening processes to include perpetrator considerations.

Partners in recovery: Moving beyond the crisis?

Policy Recommendations

This collaborative Centre for Social Impact and Social Ventures Australia report outlines the charity sector's current state and financial health after increased demand during COVID-19. The report details areas that have been heavily impacted and offer recommendations for decision-makers.

Line of sight: Refocussing Victoria’s adult safeguarding laws and practices

Client Voice, Disability, Policy Recommendations

This Office of Public Advocate report highlights the system's failure to safeguard people with a disability against experiences of violence. This report offers policy recommendations and includes client voices.

The human rights roadmap: 40 ways to operationalise human rights in Victoria’s mental health and wellbeing system

Mental Health, Policy Recommendations

This Mental Health Victoria and Castan Centre for Human Rights joint report offers a legislative framework of human rights and the promotion of good mental health and well-being within Victorian services.

The voices of children and young people in out-of-home care 2021

Client Voice, Out of Home Care (OOHC), Policy Recommendations

This New South Wales Office of the Advocate of Children and Young People report investigates the experiences of children and young people in the out-of-home-care system, with OOHC system improvement recommendations grounded in the lived experience of OOHC children and young people.

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