Presentations under this theme focus on youth participatory models that privilege the voices of young people for meaningful connection and inclusion in planning and designing programs. It also includes lessons from these models as they  that were transitioned to online delivery due to COVID.Keywords: young people’s voices, lived experiences, education, COVID, youth engagement

  • Youth Affairs Council Victoria: Taking off our masks only to put them back on again: Young people and bushfire recovery during COVID
    • Speakers: Derm Ryan (He/Him), Carla Hall (She/Her) and two young people from the Bushfire Recovery Project
  • Youth Disability Advocacy Service (YDAS): Disability in the time of COVID-19 – YDAS’s COVID-19 Working Group
    • Speaker: Is Hay (They/Them)
  • Youth Action NSW: Co-design online: How to foster meaningful connection and inclusion of young people in decision making entirely online
    • Speaker: Courtney Venaglia (She/They)
  • Thorne Harbour Country: We Hear YOUth – A Peer Interviewing Model and Co-design Project
    • Speaker: Kate Phillips (She/Her)

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