March 23, 2023

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In this session, Dr Claire Baker discusses what matters to young people leaving out-of-home care in the UK and how the Bright Spots program, developed in collaboration with Coram Voice and Professor Julie Selwyn from the University of Oxford, is addressing the lack of data on the experiences of young people in care and leaving care. This session is relevant for all stakeholders working in the out-of-home care sector, providing insights on how to effectively engage young people in research and how to utilize evidence to develop programs grounded in the experiences of young people. By watching this session, you’ll learn how to ensure better outcomes for young people living in and leaving care.

Key Messages

Why Collect Data?

  • The Bright Spots program was developed to address the lack of data on the experiences of young people in care and leaving care.
  • By paying attention to the highlighted needs of care leavers and addressing areas of “living well,” the program aims to design interventions that meet their needs. It’s essential to justify the survey’s purpose and practical use when engaging young people in research, focusing not just on identifying needs but also on “what now and how?”

Key Survey Findings

  • When young people and children in and out of home care were asked, “What makes life good?” a key message from care leavers who were surveyed was that a good life is more than living freely, it is living well and happily.
  • The survey identified specific areas of well-being unmet for care-leavers, providing a focus point for program design in the space of out of home care.
  • The surveys also identified what service providers were doing well, with care leavers reporting positive experiences and increased happiness in certain contexts.

The Programs Impact

  • The developed surveys are ‘Your Life in Care’ and ‘Your Life Beyond Care’, which both act as tools for decision-makers to understand the experiences of young people, as well as for practitioners to design programs and services that will meet the identified needs.
  • The Bright Spots survey goes beyond identifying needs; it is a mechanism for local change, with data currently being used to inform policy-making decisions in the UK.




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