September 24, 2020

In 2019, OPEN commissioned a series of webinars on outcomes measurement – facilitated by Jen Riley from Clear Horizon.

Clear Horizon are a leading consultancy in design and evaluation, who support change-makers across different fields to generate innovative programs and solutions.

Although these webinars are from 2019, we are highlighting them again as you may not have been aware that these excellent, and free, training materials are available.

These webinars are delivered by leading experts, and give overview of the key steps involved in creating an outcomes measurement framework, including measuring, evaluating and reflecting on your outcomes. They are a fantastic, and cost-effective, place to get started!

Webinar One: How to Measure Outcomes

This webinar explores how we measure outcomes providing tips on how to select indicators and targets and how to use different methods for data collection.

Click here to view the slides separately.

Webinar two: How to Evaluate Outcomes

This webinar examines the role of evaluation questions in framing outcomes measurement, data collection methods, analysis, synthesis, rubrics as well as how to report on outcomes using dashboards.

Click here to view the slides separately.

Webinar three: Reflecting and Learning from Evaluation Findings

The final webinar for this series discusses the role of evaluative thinking – what happened, so what, now what – in learning and reflection and how to reflect on and apply learning through workshops, feedback loops and sprints.

Click here to view the slides separately.

More video resources

These webinars are just a few of a growing number of video resources from OPEN. Check out the OPEN Youtube channel to see more great presentations on a range of topics.

More about training and services

OPEN offers a number of a range of services and training to suit your needs. We can help you with:

  • Program logics
  • Defining outcomes
  • Data collection
  • Managing an evaluation

And much more! Get in touch and we can tailor some training to fit your needs.

Visit the OPEN Services page, or contact for more details.

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