February 1, 2021


The Learning System Grants (LSGs), funded by DHHS and administered by OPEN (CFECFW) are seed grants provided to sector organisations to deliver projects which build their capacity and develop, apply and share evidence and transferable learning.In 2020, nine diverse projects have been funded. These projects use client-centred models to design innovative interventions and develop/implement outcomes and practice frameworks.

In mid-December 2020, we organised a Zoom session for all the successful LSG recipients for round 2020-2021. It was attended by teams from eleven agencies, including our colleagues from the Department of Health and Human Services. The session was designed using a workshop format with break-out rooms to create engagement between the project teams and foster relationships.

Each team presented information about the main focus and target group of their projects. They also shared the intended impacts of their projects on clients, staff, organisation as well as the broader sector. The information shared led to engaging conversations about common themes such as understanding needs of children, young people, and families; capturing client’s voice; collaborative partnerships; capacity building initiatives; and culturally responsive frameworks. The project teams expressed interest in sharing expertise, lessons, and resources between organisations.

We received positive feedback about the session from the participants and are planning follow up activities with our LSG recipients over the coming year. Our approach this year in managing the LSG program is to build on the successes and achievements of our recipients to foster opportunities for them to share their outcomes and lessons with each other and the broader sector, along with supporting the development of relationships and networks across the program participants. We will do this through:

  • running an LSG conference for the sector with presentations from teams across three years of operation
  • developing updates/resources through blogs/case studies, and
  • running additional knowledge exchange sessions with our 2020 recipients.
OPEN will continue being a critical friend to the project teams throughout their journey, by actively supporting them through sharing of resources, developing new networks and reviewing/supporting papers and publications.

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