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Anglicare Australia rental affordability snapshot: National report April 2023


Anglicare's annual rental affordability snapshot shows a drastic decrease in rental affordability in Australia, with only a few properties available to single parents on JobSeeker payments. This has significant implications for practitioners working with vulnerable individuals in need of affordable housing.

‘It’s hell’: How inadequate income support is causing harm


ACOSS's report on rising living costs for Australians on income support reveals worsened mental health, increased suicidal ideation, inadequate nutrition and healthcare access, and housing challenges. This has implications for practitioners working with vulnerable populations, emphasising the need for improved income support and addressing related health and social issues.

Analysis of the impact increasing the rate and extending eligibility of Parenting Payment Single on financial living standards

Family Violence, Welfare

This report models the Summers Proposal, highlighting the potential benefits of improving social security payments for single mothers. Implementing the proposal could reduce the poverty gap and provide practitioners with valuable evidence to support vulnerable women and children in leaving violent relationships.

The Conversation Weekly: Social welfare services are being cut across the world – but providing them is about more than just money

Policy Recommendations, Welfare

This episode of The Conversation podcast features global experts discussing worldwide cuts to social welfare services, including the causes and necessary measures for governments to enhance access to social services for their citizens.

Creating jobs, creating opportunity: Tackling long-term unemployment in Australia


This report by Anglicare Australia examines long-term unemployment in Australia, particularly for mature-age job seekers who struggle to secure entry-level jobs needed for re-establishment in the labor market. The data shows that individuals in the highest needs category for employment support spend an average of five years within the system, with low prospects of re-entering the labor market. The report proposes interventions targeting both the demand and supply sides, aiming to create work opportunities and enhance job readiness for better outcomes.

Australia’s welfare 2021: In brief

COVID-19, Report, Welfare

The AIHW has released its latest biennial report on Australia’s welfare. The report includes chapters on the impact of COVID-19 on health and wellbeing, an overview of Australia’s welfare, current welfare services and supports, how Australia is faring compared to other countries, and the importance of welfare data. A key finding is that Australian and state and territory governments spent $195.7 billion on welfare related services in 2019–20. The AIHW website contains further data insights, welfare snapshots and interactive welfare indicators.

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