The School of Social Science at the University of Queensland released this report in December 2021. The report details an empirical study of Keeping Families Together, a supportive housing pilot project for families with a young child experiencing multiple vulnerabilities. The project assisted 20 families and the study found that all families exited homelessness in to housing with 95 per cent maintaining their housing for the duration of the 12-month pilot. The project also achieved reduced interactions with child safety and 31 per cent of families with children in out-of-home care had children returned. The study identified a range of success factors.

Nowhere to go: The benefits of providing long-term social housing to women that have experienced domestic and family violence

Family Violence, Homelessness, Women, Housing, Report

This report examines the intersections between family violence, housing, and homelessness. The report estimates that each year around 7,690 women are returning to a violent partner due to a lack of affordable housing and around 9,120 women are becoming homeless after leaving their home due to family violence. It concludes that an additional 16,810 social housing properties are needed to address this issue.