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OPEN Forum: The Menu of Evidence for Children and Family Services

Family Services, Program Evaluation

The online forum on March 28, presented by OPEN and the Evidence Strategy team, provided service practitioners with a walkthrough of the Menu of Evidence. It showcased an online repository of evidence-based practices and programs in Child and Family Services, offering valuable insights for service design, practice, and policies. The presentation also emphasised OPEN's role in supporting sector capability in evaluation and research to build local evidence.

ADM in child and family services: Mapping what is happening and what we know

Children, Community Services, Family Services, Young People

The ARC Centre of Excellence for Automated Decision-Making and Society has released this report drawing on insights from a workshop series with international experts about automated decision making in child and family services. The report provides an overview of work happening in this space to provide a foundation for future research in this emerging field.

Final evaluation of Independent Family Advocacy and Support (IFAS) pilot

Child Protection, Evaluation, Family Services, Report

RMIT University has released this report evaluating the IFAS pilot program delivered by Victoria Legal Aid. IFAS provides non-legal advocacy and support to parents and primary carers who are involved in the investigation stage of the child protection system with the primary aim of diverting families from the child protection system. The evaluation found a high level of satisfaction among clients and estimates that 20 per cent of clients are diverted from court. A cost-benefit analysis found that around $3.52 is saved by the Victorian Government for every $1 spent on IFAS.

Developing holistic integrated early learning services for young children and families experiencing socio-economic vulnerability

Children, Evidence-Based Program, Family Services, Report, Research

The Centre for Community Child Health at the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute has released this report investigating the role that integrated child and family centres play in meeting the needs of children and families and reviewing what has been learned about the key elements of effective services for families experiencing vulnerability. The research identifies the core features of integrated child and family centres and examines how each element can be implemented effectively.

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