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Supporting Families feasibility reports

Families and parenting, Program Evaluation

The UK's Early Intervention Foundation evaluated effective family support programs for various needs, providing feasibility, promising practices, and recommendations for practitioners.

Emerging Minds Families Series

Families and parenting

Emerging Minds has launched a podcast series on families and parenting, featuring discussions with practitioners and experts. Topics covered include post-flood support, childhood neurodivergence, and learning new parenting methods. This series provides valuable insights for practitioners working with families and highlights diverse parenting challenges and strategies.

Foster caring as ‘professional parenting’: A grounded theory of the relationships between parent and professional in long-term foster care

Families and parenting, Out of Home Care (OOHC)

This article in Adoption and Fostering, valuable for practitioners, examines the dual roles of foster parents as parents and professionals. It provides insights into the challenges and evolution of their self-perception, highlighting the importance of understanding and supporting the complex dynamics within foster care.

Parenting today in Victoria

Families and parenting

The Parenting Research Centre has released the latest Parenting Today in Victoria survey results, indicating that many parents are facing mental health challenges and neglecting self-care. Despite this, the majority still find parenting rewarding, emphasising the need for family service practitioners to support parents' well-being while recognising their dedication.

Parenting Orders: Research on compliance and enforcement and insights from practice

Families and parenting

This Australian Institute of Family Studies (AIFS) webinar presents AIFS researchers, Relationship Australia, Federal Circuit and Family Court of Australia representatives to discuss the findings of the ANROWS study into 'Compliance with and enforcement of family law parenting orders: Final Report.

Inquiry into children affected by parental incarceration

Children, Families and parenting, Imprisonment, Support Services

The Legislative Council Legal and Social Issues Committee have tabled this inquiry in the Victorian Parliament and are awaiting a response from Government. The final report considered parental incarceration, the impacts on children, methods of reducing harm caused to children, government response, increasing children and families’ voices and experiences in the situation, and supports in Victoria for children affected by parental incarceration.

A review of Australian Government funding of parenting intervention research

Families and parenting, Government Funding, Intervention programs, Parenting, Research

This article, published in the Australian and New Zealand Journal of Public Health, investigates the funding awarded by Australian government research agencies for research focused on parenting interventions. The article focused on the period from 2011 to 2020. Results are detailed in the report.

Keeping kids safe and well – Your voices

Children, Families and parenting, Safety and wellbeing, Young People

The Australian Human Rights Commission has released this report synthesising the views of children, young people and families who were consulted to inform the first five-year action plans of Safe and Supported: The National Framework for Protecting Australia’s Children 2021-2031. Participants identified housing, mental health and help with basic needs as the most important supports to help children, young people and families to be safe. The report contains 55 recommended actions.

RECOVER – Reconnecting mothers and children after family violence: The child-parent psychotherapy pilot

Children, Evidence-Based Program, Families and parenting, Intimate partner violence, Report

This report from ANROWS explores the feasibility of implementing child-parent psychotherapy (CPP), an evidence-based dyadic intervention, in the Australian context for children and their mothers affected by IPV. The state of knowledge review completed for this report identified very few evidence-based preventive treatments for mothers and children affected by IPV, especially in Australia. An evaluation of a pilot of CPP in Australia found that the program could be implemented under certain conditions and was highly acceptable to participants despite a range of identified implementation barriers. While there was evidence of some early outcomes, larger sample sizes and fully trained therapists are needed to assess effectiveness.

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