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Care criminalisation of children with disability in child protection systems

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander, Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD), Disability

The Royal Commission's research report examines the pathways of children with disability in child protection into the criminal justice system. It covers risk and protective factors, policy effectiveness, barriers to evidence-based practice, and the experiences of Culturally and Linguistically Diverse and Aboriginal children. The report is relevant for practitioners working with children with disability and highlights areas for improvement.

Improving employment outcomes for young people with disability: Insights from the P2E program trial

Disability, Program Evaluation

This report shares insights from the Brotherhood of St Laurence's trial to support young people with disabilities in mainstream employment pathways. The trial used a place-based approach and Advantaged Thinking, emphasising participants' aspirations and abilities. It highlights program challenges, positive outcomes, and areas for improvement, offering valuable lessons for practitioners.

Getting the NDIS back on track: A survey of people with disability

Client Voice, Disability

This Summer Foundation and People with Disability Australia report provides insights into people with a disability using the NDIS. The report highlights the importance of communication, a timely and efficient system with more expertise among NDIA staff. This report is relevant for services with clients accessing NDIS.

A socio-ecological exploration of adolescent violence in the home and young people with disability: The perceptions of mothers and practitioners

Disability, Family Violence

This Australian National Research Organisation for Women's Safety report details the experiences of mothers and carers of young people with a disability that use violence in the home. This report is can provide insights into the responses by service providers and the experiences of young people with a disability.

The nature and extent of domestic and family violence exposure for children and young people with disability

Children and Young People, Disability, Family Violence

This Australia's National Research Organisation for Women report is one of three investigating the experiences of children and young people with disability exposed to domestic violence. This report provides insight into using administrative data sets to identify trends through quantitative and qualitative data analysis and will be helpful for service providers wanting to engage with data analysis.

Line of sight: Refocussing Victoria’s adult safeguarding laws and practices

Client Voice, Disability, Policy Recommendations

This Office of Public Advocate report highlights the system's failure to safeguard people with a disability against experiences of violence. This report offers policy recommendations and includes client voices.


The longitudinal Australian study of students with autism (LASA)

Children, Disability, Education

This Autism's CRC research report is an ongoing longitudinal study into the experience of students with Autism in Australian schools. This report provides insights into educational interventions, child characteristics and environmental factors impacting education participation and outcomes.

‘Getting out into the world’: Pathways to community participation and connectedness for NDIS participants with intellectual disability, on the autism spectrum and/or with psychosocial disability

Client Engagement, Disability, Early school leavers, Support Services, Young People

This report from the National Disability Insurance Agency describes the findings of a study on participant experiences, including major barriers and enablers to community participation. A mix-methods approach was used with participants, families and carers and frontline staff. Findings are detailed in the report.

Toward a socio-ecological understanding of adolescent violence in the home by young people with disability: A conceptual review

Adolescent violence in the home, Adolescents, Autism, AVITH, Disability, Young People

Australia’s National Research Organisation for Women’s Safety (ANROWS) has released this report aiming to create a clearer conceptualisation of adolescent violence in the home (AVITH) and young people with disability to inform effective service responses. The review identifies six critical gaps in the evidence base and the impacts of this.

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