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A guided tour through: program logic models [video resource]

Evaluation, Tool/toolkit, Video

The Expert Panel Project Team at AIFS have published this instructional video to guide you through program logic models. It guides you step-by-step through the terminology of program logic models, and how to build your own model, including writing a problem statement, understanding inputs and outputs, and identifying short, medium and long term outcomes.

Identify, Design, Implement, Evaluate

Alliance for Useful Evidence – resources

Evidence Informed Practice

This website hosts a range of research and publications relating to how evidence can be used to improve public health outcomes, including introductions to 'standards of evidence'.


Implementation Stages Action Plan


This action plan from the National Implementation and Research Institute provides a handy way to identify the next steps in implementing your program.


Implementing Evidence-Informed Practice: A Practical Toolkit

Evidence Informed Practice, Tool/toolkit

This toolkit contains practical insight, strategies and resources for the planning phase of implementation. It couples theory and research findings with practical strategies and real-life experiences from the field that may be relevant to your organization.


Implementing evidence-informed practice: a practical toolkit

Mental Health, Tool/toolkit

This toolkit by the Ontario Centre for Excellence for Child and Youth Mental Health provides a comprehensive framework and tools to kick start the implementation process.


Key Factors For Implementation


This tool by the Ontario Centre for Excellence for Child and Youth Mental Health helps to comprehensively assess both the internal and external factors that may impact implementation.

Identify, Design, Implement, Evaluate

Life Changes Trust Evaluation Toolkit

Evaluation, Tool/toolkit

The Life Changes Trust Evaluation Toolkit provides a range of resources across the journey to better outcomes including creating a theory of change and program logic, designing an evaluation and methods for collecting data.


National Implementation Research Network – Active Implementation Hub

Tool/toolkit, Database

The National Implementation Research Network offers a variety of tools, publications and information on implementation science including e-learning modules and downloadable checklists to aid the implementation process.

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OPEN Quick Guide: Reflect and Review (Practitioner)

Reflect and Review, Quick Guide

This OPEN Quick Guide provides an overview of what Reflect and Review means for practitioners. It provides you with practical advice to nurture a culture of evidence-informed practice and continuous improvement.

Identify, Design, Implement, Evaluate

OPEN Tool: Reflect and Review Guiding Questions

Reflect and Review, Tool/toolkit

This OPEN Tool provides some key questions to support the Reflect and Review process. In order to make high-quality decisions it is important to systematically reflect on, and review data, practice and client feedback to adapt and enhance your approach.


Organisational Readiness for Implementation – Checklist


An assessment tool developed by Melanie Barwick from the University of Toronto to identify organisational readiness for implementation.