The presentations under this theme discuss strategies that different agencies used to support and provide therapeutic care to children and families during the pandemic. Presenters talked about the pros and cons of online program delivery, challenges that needed to be navigated and collaborations that were developed.Keywords – working with children, supporting families, collaboration, COVID

  • CASA Central Victoria: Clinical Discoveries –  Children, Youth and Families Trauma Counselling during a pandemic where change is the new constant
    • Speakers: San Leenstra (She/Her) and Alexandra Crocker (She/Her)
  • Queen Elizabeth Centre: What’s the number today? The silent number behind the COVID number – Connecting and supporting families with young children experiencing significant challenges
    • Speakers: Helen Cunningham (She/Her) and Deidre Stuart (She/Her)
  • Murdoch Children’s Research Institute and Wimmera Southern Mallee, Wimmera Development Association: Strengthening care for children in a unique collaboration between families, primary care and specialist services
    • Speakers: Rachel Robinson (She/Her) and Cara Miller (She/Her)

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