Getting started

Assess your readiness 

Assessing readiness provides assurance that you have the resources and knowledge to achieve your desired outcomes. You can do this by:

  • Identifying any barriers or risks that might impact implementation
  • Consulting with stakeholders
  • Creating a plan to address or mitigate identified risks

Develop an implementation framework

An implementation framework that is tailored to your organisational context and builds on the readiness assessment can help to smooth any implementation barriers. Key factors to consider are;

  • Client needs
  • Staff support and expertise
  • Existing and complementary practices and programs
  • Existing and required resources
  • Identify relevant tools, software and capability for data collection, storage and analysis
  • Document processes to reflect on client feedback and practitioner experience and review data

Monitor progress towards outcomes

Drawing on your Theory of Change, outline how you will ethically and purposefully monitor implementation and client outcomes.

Some helpful steps in the Implement phase :

  1. Conduct a readiness assessment and develop an implementation framework
  2. Implement and monitor the program
  3. Facilitate Reflect and Review sessions for continuous improvement

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