The Building the Evidence project, funded by Family Safety Victoria (FSV) and conducted in consultation with Domestic Violence Victoria (DV Vic), aims to better understand the nature of youth violence in the home and the approaches that work. In late 2019, the Centre for Excellence in Child and Family Welfare (the Centre) engaged in a process of sector consultation to gain insight into conceptual understandings, practice challenges, and workforce capacity building needs for practitioners working with young people using violence in the home. 

The Centre developed and administered a survey for child and family services and specialist family violence services seeking information about how practitioners understand and respond to young people who use violence in the home. The survey was also intended to identify examples of effective practice and knowledge gaps where practitioners might benefit from further professional development. Following the survey, the Centre facilitated six consultation forums, which allowed for rich qualitative discussions to build upon the survey findings. The aim of the forums was to identify interventions currently used by service agencies, and to prompt participants to consider how the service sectors might move toward earlier identification and intervention. Participants were asked about the learning and development needs of their workforce, including what practice resources and tools are required and the best ways to make these resources accessible to both workforces.

A summary report of these findings is under development.

Further resources

  • Symposium presentations: Starting with the young person
    In March 2020, the Centre and FSV co-hosted a symposium that brought together peak bodies, sector leaders, academics and government stakeholders to better understand the nature of this issue and how we can respond earlier to support young people and families.
  • Resources for practitioners working with young people using violence in the home
    The ongoing work of family violence reforms has highlighted gaps in knowledge about adolescents who use violence and the need for specialist expert advice to enable service providers, professionals, parents and carers to more effectively respond to and support these young people. The Centre recognises the importance of continuing to build the evidence base for evidence-informed and promising practice in this space.